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TEHRAN – Iran has been selected as the guest of honor at the Beijing International Book Fair, which will be held in the Chinese capital from August 23 to 27.

Iran was informed of the choice during a meeting between Iran Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI) director Amir-Masud Shahramnia and several officials from the Beijing fair in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Being selected as the special guest of honor will provide a good opportunity for Iran to boost cultural ties. It also gives the publishers a chance to exchange information and introduce their latest productions,” Shahramnia said at the meeting.

He added, “Iran and China have good potentials to develop joint cultural collaborations and Iran has always had a positive attitude towards China. The two countries enjoy good economic ties and we hope to increase our cultural activities as well.”

In his brief remarks, Radio, Film and Television Administration of Import Secretary Jiang Mao Ning also said that the lengthy relationship between the two countries indicates the deep bilateral ties, and that China is seeking more cultural relations with Iran.

He gave assurances that selecting Iran as the guest of honor will help achieve the goals.

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